Generation E operates within the digital space, creating functional and appealing engagements for companies and brands.

Website Design and Development

The websites we design and develop function as part of an integrated system to attract high-value clients. With valuable content, we nurture them over time and qualify them through conversion and measurable results. We don‘t just design websites, we are concept architects with deep rooted knowledge of the online stratosphere and we leverage on our years of expertise to deliver world class solutions that are second to none on a global scale.

Strategically designed websites give marketers insight into the success of their various marketing efforts and business development insight into the interests of their prospects. They seamlessly integrate content management systems , customer relationship management and marketing automation.

Custom Design

We recognize that attractive web design is important (our portfolio boasts of this)—but we also realize that if you‘re not attracting the right customers and servicing their most required needs, your website is not of much use to anyone. That‘s why our custom web designers focus on creating beautiful, targeted, conversion-based websites that give you the leads you want and need, reflecting your business‘ well-earned reputation for excellence.

Generation E‘s web design and our web development process go hand in hand. Custom development ensures there are no limitations when it comes to the design and layout of your website. By utilizing clean, compliant code, and the most robust content management systems available, Generation E‘s custom web developers create a website that is user friendly, depicts strong brand appeal, functional, scalable, easy to maintain, cross-browser compatible, and search-engine friendly.

Responsive Design

With 1 in 5 Internet users browsing from a mobile device, it‘s vital that your website is mobile-friendly. Although Generation E offers mobile web design services, we recommend responsive web design for several reasons. Responsive websites are designed to adjust to the size of the device being used, converting your site‘s elements from desktop to tablet to mobile without compromising design integrity or losing valuable content.

Search Marketing

We create custom marketing strategy for brands to target the right people. We guarantee high organic ranking with SEO and tackle a comprehensive PPC campaign that will drive reliable traffic to your site. The Internet offers some of the most effective, affordable options today for reaching new and existing customers. But if you‘re not targeting your online advertising correctly, your ad dollars are being wasted.

At Generation E, we excel at crafting digital search marketing strategies that perfectly meet your company‘s needs. Our marketing strategists will examine your brand and your target audience, along with your short/long-term goals. Then, we‘ll help you develop a solid strategy, selecting the digital marketing tools that deliver measurable ROI. We‘ll constantly monitor and fine tune your marketing plan, making sure we‘re maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing expenses.


With the top three search results bringing in the majority of clicks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has never been more important. At Generation E, our SEO experts stay up to date with the most cutting-edge SEO strategies and best practices, helping us devise the strategies that will put your business in front of potential customers on the search results page.


When it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the certified professionals at Generation E have the skills and experience necessary to create a targeted and measurable ad campaign to help drive visitors to your site. Using platforms like Google AdWords, we deliver results while always keeping a focus on your ROI.

Social Media

Generation E offers a variety of social media marketing services across today‘s most popular networks. Our social strategies are here to work with you to create, maintain and promote Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and more. So whether your business could benefit from a massive Facebook promotion or simply a tweet every now and then, we know how to dig into the data and suggest the strategies that will work best for your bottom line. Measurable ROI is always the goal, and with Generation E, we will show you how social media accounts can help generate reasonable mileage and customer attraction/retention.